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Our Airbnb Best Design Stay Award

We're thrilled to share some exciting news with our fantastic community – we've been awarded the 'Best Design Stay' in the Airbnb Host Awards 2023!

These awards aim to recognize top Hosts across New Zealand for their outstanding hospitality and the positive impact they bring to their communities. With categories like 'Most Unique Stay,' 'Best Nature Stay,' and 'Best Design Stay,' this year's winners truly represent the diversity and uniqueness of New Zealand's Airbnb community.

Our Pōhutukawa tent stood out for its seamless blend of traditional camping nostalgia, sustainability, luxury, and immersion in Waitomo's breathtaking natural beauty. It's our way of offering guests an unforgettable glamping experience while making cherished memories.

Judge Felicity Stevens commented “The Hosts have done an incredible job to maximise the views of the location and set up an incredible immersive stay for guests to experience this slice of New Zealand life. This stay has been beautifully curated by a visionary and talented Host who shows creativity and innovation with exceptional eye for details. I love that the Pōhutukawa tent seamlessly blends luxury aesthetics with functionality that evokes emotion and nostalgia, creating a magical experience that will stay with guests long after they leave.”

We couldn't have achieved this without the incredible work of our design team, especially Jacki from Designwell, who worked her magic on our interiors, and Jordan from Calla Landscapes, who brought the outdoors to life.

We're thankful for your support and the opportunity to continue offering unique and unforgettable experiences at Wild Canvas.

Thank you for being a part of this fantastic adventure!

Emily, Benjamin and the Wild Canvas Team

More on the awards here:

Photography by Leah Hoskin Photography

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